Soudal T-Rex Gold - label of an adhesive

Soudal is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of polyurethane foams and a major supplier of sealants, adhesives, and roofing chemicals. The company is a manufacturer of high-quality hybrid assembly adhesive offering the best parameters available in the Polish market.


Art direction
Label design

What did the client need?

The previous label completely failed to highlight the quality and superior performance of the adhesive. The client wanted the sales of the adhesive to increase – the packaging had to stand out from competing products on the store shelf, be legible, and professional. The features and parameters of the product and the surfaces it can be applied on were to be presented in the form of easy-to-read icons. The client wanted a large part of the label to feature golden wrapping.

What did my job involve?

My job was to choose the right visuals and design a label that would help the client achieve their sales goals. I kept the design uncomplicated and uncluttered by picking simple shapes and modern typography. I paired the gold color with simple black and white and corporate red. I enclosed the icons in hexagonal frames – this shape is associated with modern technology and chemistry.

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