Dalkowski – line of premium vodkas

Ludwik Dalkowski’s liqueur factory operated in Toruń in the 1920s. It was famous for its original recipes and highest-quality products – vodkas, bitter and sweet liqueurs, rums, cognacs, araks, and brandies. The new owner of the Dalkowski brand decided to resume the production of pure vodka and several flavored vodkas based on old recipes.


Visual identity
Label design

What did the client need?

The new product line was expected to hit the shelves in the premium segment. The labels were to refer to the school of design of the 1920s and highlight the exclusive character of the vodka and the craft traditions at the same time.

What did my job involve?

I designed the bottle labels as part of a tender submitted by the advertising agency I worked for at the time. I created a line that combined the art deco style (geometric shapes, typography, gold color) on the top part of the label with elements that emphasize the traditional production methods on the bottom part of the label. I assigned each vodka flavor a color that blended well with the overall form of the label and made it possible to easily distinguish the products from each other on the shelf.

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